presenterCue V 1.7 beta 3

This version supports macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and iOS 12


  • the values in the speaker presets can now be adjusted with your trackpad / mouse and not only by typing them in. Just select the field you want to change and “scroll” up/down to change the corresponding value.

Known Issues

  • “Remind Me” and “Audio Warning” is deactivated for the moment. We expected some uncontrollable behaviour whilst using the Decklink Extension. We’ll reactivate this function as soon as the bug is fixed.
  • Flash at End ist currently always active – even if the checkbox is unselected.
  • if Flash at End is not activated, manual flashing is not possible.

Applies to version

presenterCue V1.7 beta (7464)
presenterCue Client V1.7 beta (2435)
presenterCue Client iOS V1.7 beta4