presenterCue V 1.7 beta

This is the first public beta of presenterCue V1.7 – please feel free to test, but keep in mind that this is still a BETA version – usage on live events on your own risk.

 This version also works on macOS 10.13 High Sierra and iOS 11


  • removed “License…” option in the clients’ menu bar
  • clock on iOS client will not truncate anymore


  • Monospace font for the countdown.
  • Autoscaling for text messages (also on iOS) – text will always fill the display
  • Progress Bar and warning bar will stay on screen, even if a message is shown


  • “Remind Me” function implemented (Reminder for the operator on the server screen)
  •  “Audio Warnings” implemented – System sound is played on warning times and at the end.
  • Support for custom layouts implemented – currently the layouts can only be created by us.
  • Some settings moved from global to the presets.
  •  “Connections Window” showing connected clients

Known Issues

  • sometimes the iOS client will not stop flashing if flashing was not deactivated manually at the end.
  • sometimes the iOS client will flash, even if “Flash at End” is deactivated


please keep in mind, that this version will not work with older client versions. (both, OS X client and iOS client) and that the multiroom extension will only work with an appropriate license extension (chargeable). Currently this option is only available for selected users and will be available for public soon.

Applies to version

presenterCue V1.7 beta (7441)
presenterCue Client V1.7 beta (2433)
presenterCue Client iOS V1.7 beta