presenterCue V 1.5 beta


please keep in mind, that this version will not work with older client versions. (both, OS X client and iOS client) and that the multiroom extension will only work with an appropriate license extension (chargeable). Currently this option is only available for selected users and will be available for public soon.

 This version also works on macOS 10.12 Sierra and iOS 10


  • removed “License…” option in the clients’ menu bar
  • clock on iOS client will not truncate anymore


  • larger text and countdown time for the iOS client on iPad


  • new extension to run presenterCue with multiple independent instances in the same network.
  • new extension to control multiple individual clients from one single server instance (e.g. several rooms, locations etc.)
  • added “count up” option per speaker preset.
  • added the option to export / import speaker preset lists
  • UI now in english, german
  • client now supports a dedicated Decklink output (along with a decklink extension for the license)

Known Issues

  • the progress bar of the OS X client will not automatically appear, even if this option is selected. Disable and re-enable the option “visualize timing” once to show the progress bar.

Applies to version

presenterCue V1.5 beta (6624)
presenterCue Client V1.5 (2345)
presenterCue Client iOS V1.5 beta (build 299)